Why not aim to increase income instead of cutting expenses?

A lot of the self-help books I read and listen to on audiobook stress the difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset. I’ll be the first to admit that I have grown up in a scarcity mindset: I saw things like money, recognition, resources, and abilities as limited … if someone else got more, it meant I must get less. That’s why the first time I was introduced to the impact of an abundance (more than enough for everyone to enjoy) mindset, I practically smacked my own forehead with the “why haven’t I looked at it this way before?” thoughts coming into my consciousness.

Life to that point had been meager, with each financial hit meaning I had to find a way to stretch my limited dollar even further in a sort of learned helplessness. Then, a youtube video by someone (maybe Iyanla?) pointed out that when there isn’t enough money to make ends meet, the easier choice is often to find a way to MAKE MORE MONEY. The biggest gains in salary or wages are often gained when we switch jobs (or take on new ones).

I’m sure some of you are saying, as I did, “but I don’t have time to work more hours” or “I don’t have a skill set that would qualify me for better paying work!” This is where, ironically, you can start to engage the dream jobs you have for yourself in a more realistic fashion. Maybe you’ve wanted to blog or vlog about your favourite topic or hobby? Maybe you’ve wanted to embrace your artistic side and try and make money doing that? Maybe you’re already doing something for yourself that other people would pay you for (walking dogs, cleaning house, teaching another language, tutoring, raving about products you could be selling, gardening – be it flowers, herbs, or vegetables). Now is the time to turn those things you’d be willing to do “for free” and start squeezing a few extra dollars from them.

For me, the answer came in certifying to teach the fitness programs I was already paying to attend anyway. Suddenly, I was getting paid to do what I once paid others for the privilege of … and it didn’t even feel like work!

What’s one dream you’ve always wanted to chase that you might be able to begin to explore on a part time basis? Why not give it a go?

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