Cultivating your “local” side – the joys of being a patron

One of the pleasures of living in a small town is getting to know and frequent all the small local nooks and crannies of your neighbourhood, town, or countryside. While I used to sprinkle my patronage a little everywhere when I first moved back home, I’ve started to settle into something of a routine, with regular haunts and habits that definitely contribute to my day to day happiness.

Often, as soloists, we can feel a little disconnected and adrift from the rest of partnered society. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to even find acquaintances, yet alone close friends, in a new place (or an old one). That’s why becoming a regular and consciously creating connection in the places you frequent can pay off so richly. You have to grocery shop anyway, why not pick a time and place to regularly do it so you can carry a running conversation with the butcher, cashier, or other soloists doing their shopping? You have to get your pre- or post-work(out) coffee anyway, so why not do it and have a regular table, drink, or conversation-opening passtime while you’re there?

Use the time to be a little more extroverted as opposed to business/consumer-like and get to know the people you interact with. Sprinkle some humour/humanity in their workday and it’s likely to pay dividends.
In a world where it can be so easy to get lost in the crowd, why not make it a little easier for people to find you?

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