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Why not aim to increase income instead of cutting expenses?

A lot of the self-help books I read and listen to on audiobook stress the difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset. I’ll be the first to admit that I have grown up in a scarcity mindset: I saw things like money, recognition, resources, and abilities as limited … if someone else got … Continue reading “Why not aim to increase income instead of cutting expenses?”

Ostrich Budgeting (when you can’t handle doing the math)

I’m into my third month of using mint.com to track and automatically (90% of the time) categorize my expenses and have come to a startling realization. This is budgeting made painless – not just because I don’t have to save receipts and calculate and categorize every penny entering and leaving my pocket, but because thusfar, … Continue reading “Ostrich Budgeting (when you can’t handle doing the math)”

6 ways to enjoy the days in between

It’s the holidays, which means there’s time to kill, but sadly after holiday shopping at this time of year, not much cash to do it with.  How do I get that rush of discovery without a flush of cash?  Explore new film genres or entertainment formats (documentaries, foreign films, live comedy or theater, audiobook autobiographies, … Continue reading “6 ways to enjoy the days in between”

Managing Meals for One: Pepperplate.com

One of the biggest obstacles to my eating well and healthily is laziness, to be honest – a point that became abundantly clear after starting to meet with my personal coach. I’ve already compiled a list of tonnes of ingredients that are both healthy, affordable and available. Yet, when I get to the end of … Continue reading “Managing Meals for One: Pepperplate.com”

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