Living Solo

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Turning 40 … my “protest party” planning success!

If you’re like me, and still single at 40, chances are you have a pretty strong independent streak. Maybe, like me, you consider the word “plan” to be just another four-letter one … which is why the idea of having to plan your own birthday celebration can seem as invigorating as hour five of that … Continue reading “Turning 40 … my “protest party” planning success!”

Cultivating your “local” side – the joys of being a patron

One of the pleasures of living in a small town is getting to know and frequent all the small local nooks and crannies of your neighbourhood, town, or countryside. While I used to sprinkle my patronage a little everywhere when I first moved back home, I’ve started to settle into something of a routine, with … Continue reading “Cultivating your “local” side – the joys of being a patron”

Simple H’or d’oevres

Want to host a small gathering (or treat yourself)? Looking for a savoury or salty addition to the mix? Impress with these low ingredient, high enjoyment hor’s d’oevres. Rosemary Shortbreads Bacon wrapped dates

Simple weekend/date night indulgences

Sometimes, for yourself, or for the benefit or yourself and others, it’s nice to have a showstopper indulgence on the weekend. I love wine-poached pears because they are simple to make (requiring little prep and loads of neglect) and wonderful to enjoy (both during prep for the wonderful scent they add to your abode, not … Continue reading “Simple weekend/date night indulgences”

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